Looking for excellence

France Originelle is present on fairs & markets. We are on the look for the best know-how to widen our offer. We give our customers our expertise to achieve a quality gourmet range of products & produces.

We also assist them when they search new products. Our knowledge of the French territories & our portfolio of suppliers make it possible for us to propose products that meet the needs of our foreign partners.

Small is beautiful

We don’t have disproportionate objectives or annual growth rates to reach. We only pursue one goal: enjoying ourselves by presenting high quality French products and produces to beauty and taste loving customers.

Quality is remembered long after the price

G. Gucci

A thought for the environment

We share our concern for the environment more than ever with our farmers, manufacturers and craftsmen. Together we want to limit the environmental impact with the right the choice of raw materials, packaging and the production process. We give priority to goods that help preserve the environment and are made of natural ingredients or components.

Trust cannot be bought - it has to be earned.

France Originelle strives to be a trusted corporate citizen. We clearly give priority to human relationships and only consider business in this term. Our ambition is to build longstanding links with reliable partners. A relationship based on mutual trust and guided by taste, refinement and excellence.

Where there is a will... there is a way

We clearly want to differentiate ourselves from the mass production and the low cost systems where standardization has prevailed over originality and quality. All the products and produces we promote carry values and authenticity. They are very often the result of a family history and we deeply want to perpetuate the knowledge and creativity. We are aware that this is not the easiest way, but those are the guidelines we have chosen.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

Winston Churchill