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The Made In France know-how

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Export Strategy

Export requires a very strong preparedness to comply with the targeted countries’ requirements & to ensure the company can internationalise its brand. France Originelle's approach...

International Business Development​

Once all the different export steps have been validated, the product ranges can be introduced to various key stakeholders (Importers, Distributors, Chefs, Category Purchasing Managers, Retailers...

Sourcing - Regulation

Our customers regularly get in touch with us so we can support them sourcing new French items. Because they recognise the fact that we have fully understood their requirements and that going through...

Honouring French Excellence

France Originelle was created with the aim of promoting French product ranges on several major export markets through a very operational approach: France Originelle handles all the export side on behalf of its clients.

France Originelle is the third-party export service provider of  some French SME (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) who are willing to explore business opportunities outside France. We bring our expertise to build a strong long-term project via a complete control of the export processes alongside support and advise on how to meet the various stringent export compliance requirements of targeted markets.

Our references below are actual testimonies that the “Made in France” label has always been a strong value on export markets. More than that, our initial intention was to demonstrate to French  SME’s that exporting is within their reach , as long as they follow a very strict & methodological process.

A recognised know-how

Year on year, France Originelle has been sharpening its approach to export requirements, allowing each of its French clients to be present in at least one of their targeted countries.

France Originelle professionalism and thoroughness to export compliance has been officially recognised by French authorities and has been awarded 2 accreditations Plan de Relance Export & BPI France to work in the long term, with French companies aiming at exporting.

Fully embedded into the French Export ecosystem, France Originelle is regularly solicited to share its expertise so much so that spreading the French know-how has become its bread and butter guide des affaires au Qatar 2021, opportunités du halal au Moyen-Orient etc.

Our passion:
Middle East & Morocco

We love challenges. And exporting food & beverage items to our countries is anything but obvious. Improvising is clearly not an option and we work with passion, rigor & audacity. For our clients, the process can take time, but it always pays off.

After several years, we have launched various ranges in the following countries : Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman & Morocco.

They trust us: