Le savoir-faire Made in France

Export strategy

Export requires a very strong preparedness to comply with the targeted countries’ requirements & to ensure the company can internationalise its brands. France Originelle’s approach is a subtle mix of consultancy & operational implementation where patience & rigour are of paramount importance.

From the very first idea to the first order shipment, several months might be necessary to ascertain the company’s strategic readiness to export (export diagnostic, selection of exportable ranges, logistics requirements, regulation adaptation, etc) and the necessity to master the 3 ‘‘L’’.

  • Logistics
  • Legislation
  • Languages

France Originelle also brings its support to identify funding opportunities to your export projects.

France Originelle is officially recognised by the French authorities as a reliable partner to help French SME’s explore new export markets thanks to its robust international network.

International Business Development

Once all the different export steps have been validated, the product ranges can be introduced to various key stakeholders (Importers, Distributors, Chefs, Category Purchasing Managers, Retailers etc.) in the targeted countries to arrange a test order and see how the market reacts.

At this stage, some fine-tuning might be necessary (adapting the packaging, the packing, the label, the flavours etc.) to adjust the product range to address the customer’s needs prior to a full launch of the range.

The following steps consist in duplicating the initial experiment with other stakeholders &/or distribution channels (Food Service & Hotel Industries, Retailers, Catering etc.).

Then, the same export implementation strategy to other GCC countries is followed, ensuring great care is taken from the inception to encompass each market uniqueness from every angle.

Sourcing - Regulation

Our customers regularly get in touch with us so we can support them sourcing new French items. Because they recognise the fact that we have fully understood their requirements and that going through France Originelle is a time saving process. We know how to export food & beverage items to almost all the GCC countries, making it easier for our clients to get in touch with potential suppliers and focus on their product ranges instead.

We participate in many fairs & regularly visit small factories & workshops to discover new products that might be of interest in our targeted markets.